Selected Projects

This is a selection of ongoing or completed consulting projects conducted by our researchers for administration and politics.

National and international level

Federal Governance Practice for Swiss Post, Swiss Railways and Swisscom

After having been outsourced from the central federal administration, the companies Swiss Post, Swiss Railways and Swisscom still provide public services and they are of high financial significance for the Confederation. The evaluation on behalf of the Parliamentary Control Committee for Administration examines how the Confederation steers those companies.  Furthermore, performance development after outsourcing is analysed. 

Exchange and Capacity Building between India and Switzerland

An Indian Delegation visited Switzerland in order to learn how education of the middle and top management in the public administration works. We were responsible for these presentations. In order to implement the management training of civil servants in India, we taught at the Institute of Rural Management in Anand (India). This exchange was funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in India and was supported by the Indian Government.

Election Observation and Capacity Building in the Ukraine

The Ukraine is currently in a transformation process.  IPM.SWISS supports this process with Professor Reto Steiner being an expert in the European Council's election observation mission at the local 2015 elections. On behalf of the Swiss Embassy, he provided training in corruption prevention and capacity buidling.

Cantonal level

Compatibility of Public Positions and Profession in the Canton Aargau

The militia system in Switzerland, which includes voluntary political service on local councils, is under pressure. Even though enterprises are strongly affected by the political positions of their employees, hardly any light has been shed on their view of the militia system up to now. On behalf of the Economic and Interior Department of the Canton Aargau and the association of mayors in the Canton Aargau, IPM.SWISS is conducting a study on the compatibility of public positions and professional life.

Municipal Structures in the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden                

This study on behalf of the governing council in the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden analyses the situation of the municipalitites in this canton, especially with regard to communal tasks, financial situation and institutions. The study concludes by presenting possible courses of action concerning the territorial structure.

Benchmarking the Compensation Offices in three cantons

In collaboration with the Social Securty Offices in the cantons Aargau, Basel-Landschaft and Basel-Stadt, IPM.SWISS is conducting a survey on customer satisfaction and providing a benchmark for the three institutions. This project aims to learn more about the needs of customers in order to optimize the processes and services.

Municipal level

'Zukunftsraum Aarau'

The aim of the 11 municipalities Aarau, Biberstein, Buchs (AG), Densbüren, Erlinsbach (AG), Küttigen, Muhen, Oberentfelden, Schönenwerd, Suhr and Unterentfelden involved in the project 'Zukunftsraum Aarau' ('future space Aarau') is to build a strong region. An initial phase investigated possible ways to strengthen the region for the population and the economy, especially the options 'intermunicipal cooperation' and 'amalgamation'. Possible effects on regional development, competitiveness, democratic process, identity and finances were of particular interest.

Citizens' survey in  Biberstein and Küttigen

The aim of the citizens' survey in the municipalities Biberstein and Küttigen was to learn more about the citizens' attitude towards quality of life and services in the municipality. Furthermore, the attitude of the population concerning future development, particularly on intermunicipal cooperation and possible municipal mergers, was of interest.